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Newsboy T Shirt Hat

My latest craze is creating vintage style hats from T shirts.  I am working on a line of hats for my shop that I hope to have for sale soon.  I thought I would share one of my early hats (and favorite hat) that I wear myself. 

The pattern is based off an original newsboy cap that I found in an old book.  The T shirt fabric I used was a striped cotton blend. The final hat came out a little big because the % of polyester in the material was enough to make the hat stretch but I have a full face and I like to wear my hats big and floppy so I wasn't concerned about the finished hat being large.  I really love the rosette, also made from recycled T shirt fabric, because it makes the cap a little more fun.

Materials I used:

  • Recycled T shirt - black and white stripe cotton blend
  • Recycled T shirt - red 100% cotton
  • All purpose cotton thread

An advantage to wearing T shirt hats (besides being "green", stylish, and kinda fun) is that they are cool (temperature wise) on your head which is nice for warm weather climates.

To see my line of hats coming soon (hopefully) to Etsy visit

Green is good.  Cynthia

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