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Recycled T Shirt Hats

Using recycled t shirts to create vintage style hats has been my little passion for the last few months.  I decided today I would post some of the hats I've created so far...

cynthia and co. | recycled t shirt hat

The first hat I am calling Pvt. Benjamin.  I used a recycled army green t shirt, with waffle weave, and made the yellow daisy like flower from recycled t shirts as well.

cynthia and co. | recycled t shirt hat

This little sun hat is done in Southern University colors and is reminiscent of an old cloche.

cynthia and co. | recycled t shirt hat

The pink hat is softer and more girly...its from an old beret pattern.

cynthia and co. | recycled t shirt hat

The red beret is a personal favorite.  I like to wear red and black so this suits my style.  In the end I may keep this hat for myself...we'll see.

If you want to start recycling your old t shirts - or want to go on the look out for t shirts at thrift stores here are some tips about which old shirts work best:

  • 100% cotton is best - blends with spandex and polyester tend to make the hat stretch out
  • the heavier the tee shirt (higher thread count) the stiffer your finished hat will be
  • look for pillage - seems obvious but I have brought hats home because I liked the color only to find the shirt was a little too worn - the pills show on the finished product
  • recycled t shirts with writing, logos, etc. are fun to use because you can incorporate the shirt imagery into the hat for a one of a kind statement, however, if the shirt has imagery on both front and back you won't have enough plain material for visual relief in your finished bonnet
  • look for striped t shirts or patterned shirts - some of the cutest hats I have made are made from old striped tee's.

I am working on a pattern to post for those of you who want to make a little recycled t shirt hat of your own.  Be looking for it in the next couple days.  Also, I am going to post eight different styles I have created in a page titled My Hats.

Happy sewing.  Bye for now, Cynthia

Green is good.  Junk is good.

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  1. I would really like to get your patterns for making the recycled t shirt hats when you post the patterns on your blog I really appreciate your gift for using what you already have to make something so useful.