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Mixed Media Artist John W. Fesken

I met artist John Fesken at an art festival in Baton Rouge today. Mixed media is his specialty and he uses vintage photographs and recycled wood in his pieces. When I saw his work I was instantly drawn to it - its edgy and provocative yet somewhat restrained.  When Mr. Fesken gave me permission to take a few photographs I was elated!

The above piece has a vintage silhouette as the focal point - ripped and stained its positioned over old photographs (upside down) and framed with recycled wood.

artist John Fesken March, 2015

Many of his pieces use images of men, as those seen above, so there is a masculine appeal.

His shadow boxes are fun and inventive.

Thank you to Mr. Fesken for allowing me to share his artwork.  I thoroughly enjoyed visiting his booth   His work is simple but not boring.  It celebrates the lives of those who came before us and it gives new meaning to found objects that when used together tell a little story.

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