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Cynthia and Co.
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One of My Favorite Altered Artists

Joni of Joni Originals from Phoenix is one of my favorite people.  She makes elaborate and beautiful altered art books, unique soldered art, and the list goes on...but her latest creations are paper mache angel dolls (figurines, statuettes) crafted by hand and made to look like little old ladies.  With sweet names such as Agnes and Mary these little ladies sport glasses, earrings, necklaces, etc. and have cute little hairstyles to match.  My personal favorite is Agnes (she wears glasses) - I like her facial expression which is serene  and she kind of looks like my mother in her later years.

I mentioned Joni's soldered art above and I am happy to say I have two of her pieces.  The first is a metal handmade cross with a crystal in the middle.  She tells me these crosses were made from the strewn (in the street) bristles of street cleaning machines. They are metal and they are rusty and a great idea for turning junk into something of beauty.  My little Roman statue wears his cross proudly.

Altered Art Cross by Joni Originals

The second piece of Joni Originals that I own is a little soldered inspiration box that is four sided with a different inspiration in each quarter.  This is adorned with found objects and and sits on little rusted feet.  I love, love it and it sits in my studio (also known as the master bedroom) where I can see it everyday.

Joni Original Soldered Inspiration Box
 You can visit my friend at Rock in Wrinkles at Etsy and I have added a link directly to her shop in my favorites to the right.

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