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Clay Pendant How To (continued)

A couple days ago I posted an air dry clay tutorial but didn't get all of the finished pieces of jewelry uploaded.  Today I'm showing you some of the necklaces I made with my air dry pendants.

Fimo Basic jewelry
Three necklaces I made from air dry clay pendants

I incorporated found objects, recycled beads and chain and mounted these on brass bezels with Super New Glue.

Clay pendant set in brass bezel with upcycled beads
Love these recycled grungy beads - the color goes well with clay pendant

This clay pendant was made with stacked brass finding, brass bead cap and two layers of clay.

Again, to secure all of the stacked layers I used Super New Glue. The chain I chose for this pendant was an upcycled  (recycled) glass pearl necklace.

Clay coin necklace assemblage necklace, rustic and recycled
Ancient looking clay coin pendant with brass, serpentine and glass opal

This clay pendant was set on a brass coin (disc) that I punched to make holes for wire.  The glass opal sets on top of the clay over a brass washer and is kept in place with two part (2 part) epoxy.  I like the way to Serpentine beads continue the color from the epoxy.  I also like the rustic look and feel of this finished assemblage necklace.

rustic clay coin necklace with braided cotton cord (cording)
Assemblage necklace with clay pendant and glass beads

Necklace is set in open back brass setting.  Because bezel is open the coin has purple suede glued to the back of the pendant. The cording is kumihimo braid made of natural waxed cotton. The cording and pendant make this look rustic - this I made in choker style.

Handmade air dry clay pendant jewelry
Clay pendant set on brass prong bezel with old reused beads

Composed with brass and copper and assembled with handmade connector - this I made with 18 gauge wire, dead soft, and tumbled to harden the wire before putting the piece together. You can see the connector better in photo #1 above.

rustic handmade chain with pendant
Faux clay cameo assembled with handmade steel chain

The last piece I am showing today was also in the tutorial - today I am showing it in different light so you can see the paint and brass liquid gilding.  In the tutorial I mentioned too much scrubbing was done with steel wool - next time I'll leave more brass leaf. I made the chain from heavy wire that had been annealed by the supplier.

Here is a link to the how to on clay pendants if you would like to read - thanks for visiting.


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  2. These pendants are really beautiful and I love your finished necklaces! Thanks so much for sharing!