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Marianne Clancy on Etsy (maclancy)

I collect vintage photography.  I have several other collections including Tea Leaf (ironstone) Porcelain Puppies and Figurines, Blue Willow (everything) Teacups and Saucers (who doesn't collect teacups?) but photographs have been occupying my time of late.  So many to find, so little time!

If you collect (anything) you probably know about Etsy an online source for handmade items and collectibles.  If you collect photographs you may already know about Marianne Clancy.  Her shop is top-notch for those looking for antique imagery.  Today I am going to share just a few of the tintypes and other non-paper images she has to sell on her Etsy site. 

I looked for a definition of tintype photography and found this on

"While most early photo processes involved paper or light metal plates, tintypes (aka ferrotypes) used a sheet of thin iron. Patented in 1856, tintypes are recognizable by their yellowish color and small sizes. The smallest plates are called gem tintypes, and are common in lockets or jewelry. Like daguerreotypes, they tend to tarnish easily. This medium was popular for many years, due to its higher developing speed and easy-to-clip material, making it ideal for framing."

The above image may technically be a dag (daguerreotype) but it is non-paper so I included it today because the image is so clear and enchanting!

When I look for images to purchase I look for subject matter first and quality second because I can do retouching digitally.  Other considerations for me are overall composition, the story the photograph is telling, the balance of light, medium and dark hues.  And most important, for me, are the face and eyes of the subject (if the photograph is a portrait or candid shot).  You will notice today's shared images all have dear, sweet faces...sullen, perhaps, but full of charm!

I marvel at the quality of her collection.  I have to be honest...I wish I knew how she sources these because finding vintage photography isn't difficult...but finding exquisite vintage photography IS difficult.

Marianne's prices range from $5.00 (ish) on up.  These I have shared today are in the "on-up" category but they are reasonably priced considering the overall quality and subject matter.

I love, love, love the above baby photograph.  Ofcourse, I am drawn to her eyes!

You can find MaClancy on Etsy at  She offers all types of vintage (antique) photography including snapshots, CDVs, cabinet card photos, etc.  You can also find greeting cards and large archival photos that have been restored and printed on acid-free paper.  Take a hop over and visit.  I'm sure you'll find some little orphan photo waiting for you!


  1. I am so honored that you chose to post my photos and talk about them. I am and always have been a photo lover. Photos need to speak to me for me to even offer them in my store, and so many are so hard to part with. My studio is filled to overflowing with photos but only few are chosen. My sources are just everywhere that I can find them and the stories in finding them are almost as good as the photos. Thanks Cynthia for the feature.

  2. Marianne, thanks for mentioning the "hard to part with" part in your comment. I think when you love them, as much as you do, selling would be painful. I know for me, each time I adopt a new photograph, the subject becomes family.