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Air Dry Clay Jewelry

Clay beads with paper beads jewelry
Clay flower beads with paper word beads
A few days ago I did a tutorial, how to, on air dry clay pendants.

Continuing the clay theme today I'm including some of the beads I made from clay and incorporated into necklaces.

These clay beads were hand formed using a wooden flower button as the mold and painted with diluted acrylic paint.  The paper beads were made from book pages of Shakespeare's plays.

Clay flower beads with waxed cording

Clay and paper word beads

Clay beads and paper necklace
Clay and paper bead jewelry
From the same Fimo Basic clay I also made some black spacer rondelles.  I like the soft black of the beads with the pink flowers.  They seem to pull the whole assemblage together.  Also painted with diluted acrylic paint.  Both paper and air dry clay beads were sealed with Minwax  polycrylic.

Rustic clay cross pendant
The rustic clay cross was shaped with a fondant mold and painted with acrylic paint and brass liquid leaf.  The gilding was sanded off to give an aged appearance.  I connected the clay to leather and found metal pieces and hung the pendant from a handmade glass bead necklace.  I made the dangles from steel wire.

Air dry clay cross pendant
Faux Viking Turtle Brooch made of air dry clay
I made the faux Viking turtle brooch of clay, painted it with brass gilding, and added a cold connected brass finding.  The turtle brooch was hung from a glass bead mix on cording.

Faux Viking Turtle brooch made of clay and glass beads
This assemblage is rustic in feel but more modern day.  The air dry clay was gilded with brass leaf.

Clay turtle brooch with brass finding

Air dry clay heart with reclaimed chain 
Clay Heart pendant with clay carrot spike

This heart pendant necklace is adorned with brass "Dream" charm and a found chain.  The clay spike drop was acquired in a destash lot of findings so I don't know it's composition or origin.  I scrubbed the heart with steel wool after painting with acrylic paints and brass leaf.

Fimo Basic heart pendant on steel chain with spike

I left the clay spike as I found it without sealing.  This is a fun mix of matt and semi gloss finishes. 

I have a few more black clay beads I am playing with and will load them when I have incorporated them into necklaces.  

If you would like to see the other beads (actually pendants) from earlier post you can find them here.

Clay Pendant Necklaces

If you want to read the photo jewelry tutorial on how I made the air dry clay pendants you can read it here...

Clay Pendant Tutorial

Thanks for stopping by...hope you enjoyed...


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