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Happy Birthday Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley's birthday is January 8, 1935.  He was born in Tupelo, Mississippi.

I have an early January birthday, myself, so I am always intrigued by famous people who share this important milestone in life.  There are many "Januarians" worthy of writing about but Elvis, the icon, the king, had a very sweet vintage photograph from circa 1936 or 1937 that I found on the web.  Hence, I was instantly attracted! 

Early Photograph of Elvis Presley and Family

 Many people before me have altered his image...we have the interesting Velvet Elvis imagery...the White Jumpsuit Elvis, complete with a rhinestone belt, so popular with the Vegas crowd, etc.  I figured Mr. Presley wouldn't mind a few altered art, digitally retouched photographs from a fellow Capricorn.  To his family I mean no disrespect...these are an homage to one of the great performers and personalities of our time.

Early Photograph of Elvis Presley Altered Art

I love this photograph of Elvis.  Even as a wee little baby you can see charm and charisma that few babies possess.  What a face...

An Homage to Elvis Presley as a Baby

I collect vintage (antique) photographs.  I gravitate toward baby and toddler photos because their faces are still cherubic. For a collector a great family photograph such as this is priceless when you run across one.

Elvis, Mother, Father Photograph

I am a tad early with this story but I was so excited with the outcome of the photographs that I decided to post early.  I hope you enjoy as much as I do (did).

Elvis Presley born January 8, 1935
And to Mr. Elvis Presley...Happy Birthday.

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