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Crafting Butterflies For a Cause

The Houston Holocaust Museum is working on a project to display 1.5 million butterflies

to represent the children who died in the Holocaust.

This project is based on a
 collection of poems and drawings created by children

kept at the Terezin Concentration Camp from 1942-1944.

The collection was published in a book titled 
 "I Never Saw Another Butterfly"
from Shocken Books

For some butterfly images, to inspire you, I have provided some I found on The Graphics Fairy.

When my project is complete I'll post a picture before I mail it to HMH.

If you participate and wish to share what you sent please notify me by email or leave a comment on this blog and I'll post your submission(s) in a new story.

For more information about the Houston Holocaust Museum go to

For free graphics from the Graphics Fairy go to


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    the first butterfly reminds me of someone who is close to me.

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