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Recycled Bottles into Altered Art and What about Plastic?

Recycling bottles (instead of buying new) for your altered art can be a rewarding the spirit of Earth Day, April 22nd,  I'm posting some little pieces I made with recycled glass.

Like most altered artists I hate to throw anything away and such was the case with the bottles and jars I used here.  I could see that they had potential so I set them aside until I was ready to start altering.

The bottle, above, was easy to alter because it had decorative lines molded into the glass... I followed those lines and embellished with velvet leaves, rayon ribbon, gold metallic paint, jewelry charms, etc.

This jar was once a pickle jar that I embellished with a plastic pig.  He was adorned with gold metallic paint and wings...I thought he was the ultimate in whimsy - tongue in cheek art.

Paper, paint, faux leopard fabric spruced up this bottle.  Of course, I liked this bottle immediately for the crown top (and that may be why I bought it in the first place...not even sure what liquid was inside...)


  1. Really beautiful things! I especially like the one with the pig! Great job...

  2. Thanks, Renee! And thanks for stopping by...I continue my quest to find topics that interest my friends not just me!