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Its Been Quite A Day!

I started my Monday off with tons of plans to edit photos, write posts, get a good start on the week...but some days "the best laid plans of mice and women often go awry".

This is all I have to offer you after two and a half hours of work...

Without going on a rant I'll summarize all the events that lead to one lonely picture...
  • Slow home computer, got locked up about 6 times
  • Decided to save images to my pin drive and go to library
  • Takes an hour to save photos to drive
  • Got in auto and drove to library
  • Library has blocked FotoFlexer from being used (why????)
  • Found a work around and started to upload photo from pin drive
  • Computer's pin drive doesn't work...move to another computer
  • New computer won't allow me to work around and use Fotoflexer
  • Found Picnik...don't like it as well, but I had to produce something today...
  • Saved alternative photo option...not nearly as cute as original...but hey, its been a tough day
Exhausted and exasperated (deep sigh) I have to say I'm sorry but its all I muster up for a post...
and now I am going to the IT man here at the library to ask what happened to allowing Fotoflexer...then I'll regroup and start my day's journey, again...and probably get an iced coffee for a little treat.

Anyone else have a Monday story to share?

I hope you all had a Happy Easter with your family and friends.  Have a joyful week.

Bye for now.  Cynthia

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