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This Doll is a Family Treasure...No Junk Here

Yes, we all have heard the saying..."one woman's junk is another woman's treasure" and that couldn't be more true when speaking of Ophelia my wonderful little cloth doll that belonged to my mother, Hazel.  Ophelia was mother's first doll and was made by the wife of a hired hand who worked for my grandfather.

Mother and Ophelia Circa 1915

Mother was born in '13 and in the photograph she looks to be about 16 months so that means Ophelia is pushing 100.  Her clothes have yellowed a little but overall I would say shes pretty spry for her age. The worksmanship of her garments is folk and maybe the colors don't match but Ophelia is the cutest, raggedly cloth doll I have ever seen. 

Ophelia - Our Family's Treasure

Ophelia's body was constructed from an old black sock, her dress and slip were made of scraps of flannel, and her priceless little sweater vest was made of green yarn in a single type
stitch - not sure if it was all knit or all pearl but its just cute.  Her eyes are two buttons and she does have a little red mouth that you can barely see.  When holding Opehlia you can see she was well loved, however, my mother took good care of her long after she was too old to play with dolls so her overall composition is still good.

Her little sweater vest is made of green yarn

If you have a family treasure (cloth doll, baby clothing, quilt, wedding dress, etc.) that you want to preserve for future family members some quick tips are:

  • store away from the light (sunlight will fade and also help to break down the fibers)
  • store in acid free container (acid free cardboard box, acid free tissue paper, etc.)
  • store where your family heirloom will be dry so mildew will not grow on the fibers
  • store away from other fibers that might break down - nylon, elastic, etc.  Don't stuff your doll in old hosery because the hosery will decompose
Opehlia slept in my mother's chest of drawers in her bedroom for years...and only came out to visit when one of us (my sisters and me) wanted to hold (not play with) her.  Because this doll was treated with the utmost respect she has held up very well.  Now that Opehlia lives with me she is displayed in a display case but is NOT anywhere near direct sunlight and is protected from direct air flow from the air conditioner.  Hopefully she will last another 100 years.

So someone looking at this doll, without any sentimental feelings attached, may see nothing more than junk but for our family she is a treasure...just as she is!  Once I am done with her Ophelia will be passed to one of my nieces who will take pride in owning this little bit of family history.

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