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Faded Plains on Blogspot...A Very Nice Place to Visit

Faded Plains is a lovely little site that I recommend you visit next time you feel like kicking back and just enjoying life...

The best boutique blogs and online stores are those than can tell a story with just a few words and tons of dreamy pictures...and this little shop does that and then some...

ironstone covered dish | fadedplains

I collect white ironstone,  in Tea Leaf design by Meakin, so I was shopping Etsy where I found
Faded Plains.  When I stopped into the shop I was certain Grandma had just
finished baking a pie, that children were playing croquet in the yard, and
there were sheep grazing in a field in the back forty.

envelope parcel | fadedplains

Plus, it helps that I love all things vintage...faded, tattered, and even, yes, a little junky!

limoges platter | fadedplains

If you're looking to be junk inspired or want something old and lovely
take a little tour through Faded Plains...
you'll be glad you did!

Visit this little shop at:

botancial project | faded plains

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