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Its All About Fifi's Decorating Style

Fifi O'Neill has been creating unique style home interiors for many years.  Even though I am a new follower of Fifi I am eagerly reading any blog posts that are published about her.  Her design style is fresh, fun and resourceful...using found elements and displaying them as the treasures that they are.  My own terminology for styling with reclaimed vintage elements is Junk Inspired but I am hesitant to label her style as such because I would never want to discredit what Fifi does with a room.

Fabulous Fifi O'Neill
She is another room stylist that creates an image in your mind of a place you want to visit...soon and often...her rooms make my heart beat fast just as Rachel Ashwell's do...I want to be Fifi!  Many of her room's elements are vintage, and perhaps found at a french flea market - certainly nothing I find at garage sales even though I am constantly looking...right now I am in Paris (in my mind) and its a lovely spring day...see what her design evokes?  Hmmmmm...

Styling by Fifi O'Neill

The Fifi O'Neill Special Touch

 Can you just smell the camellias?  Well, you get the idea.  I love Fifi O'Neill.  I'll probably blog about her again because I just can't get enough of her unique reclaimed style!

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