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A Different Angle on Framed Botanicals

We all love to use framed botanical prints...they are a staple for the walls of the hippest and chicest (is that a word) of junk inspired rooms.  I've had this book of prints (or plates or the finer prints may be referred to as lithographs) for twenty years. 

botanical print
I found the book of images in a little old book store on Mill Avenue in Tempe, Arizona. 

When we moved last summer I was looking around for something different for a couple of small bare, walls and couldn't find just the right image(s) when I remembered my botanical book of
Auricula.  Armed with two thrift store frames  and a can of black acrylic paint I spruced up my walls with very little effort.

thrift store frame painted black with cropped botanical

So what's the angle?  I cropped the images instead of framing them in traditional manner of leaving the roots, leaves and print title.  I wanted to add a slight contemporary feel to the rooms and I think by cropping, as shown,  my mission was accomplished!

If you can't find wooden picture frames at your local thrift store a smart alternative is to use the wooden frames from Dollar Tree.  The wood is thin, but it IS wood AND they give you glass instead of the less desirable film.

Sorry this post is short but my computer is acting very strange...I think its time to log off and give old Bessie a little rest.

Bye for now.  Green is good!

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