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Freebie ( free ) Vintage Photographs

Additional free images for you today.  I have worked on the originals, a little, so they have deeper colors and their backgrounds are (somewhat) cleaner.  Just a few...because I am also working on images for my store...

Cynthia and Co. free vintage photograph - girl, boy, bunny

I love the first photograph of Edwardian children with their bunny.  The original was tiny so I enlarged it and when doing so it became a little blurry.  If you use this for a feature photograph it will have a soft focus.  If you use it for a background, with mostly the bunny showing it should be fine.

Cynthia and Co. free Edwardian photograph - girl and her dolly

The above photo with an Edwardian girl and her dolly was in very good shape.  I did enhance the image a little but for the most part this is how it shows on the original.  She should be good for all projects.

Cynthia and Co. free 1920s 1930s vintage photograph - boy and action doll

The photograph above is from the 1920s or 1930s and the subject is a little boy with his action figure doll, however, because boys were dressed in more frilly clothes (back then) its hard for me to be certain this is a little boy...I guess the masculine doll, who is dressed more boy-like than the boy, tells it all.  I did paint his clothing and the dolls clothing but the face was in good shape.

Cynthia and Co. free Edwardian photograph - girl and dolly - spooky

I like this girl...she has been enhanced but I didn't remove all of the white pixels...I used her for a spooky witch image at Halloween and it turned out, well, spooky.  You'll have fun with this one...

Cynthia and Co. free vintage image - corbel, bracket, architecture

This last image is a nice graphic of a corbel...this works great as an overlay for just a hint of interest in the background without overpowering your focal point...the photograph itself.

Happy Day...thanks for stopping by...Cynthia.


  1. Anonymous10:52 AM CDT

    These are great... Love the extra layers in front of photograph. I am
    impressed. You can see I have gone nowhere with mine. Maybe one of these days... J.

  2. thanks and thanks for stopping by...just keep working at it and you will get there! once you start seeing success you won't want to stop!