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More Free Vintage Christmas Photographs for Greeting Cards

Two more vintage ( antique ) Christmas photographs for your use.

First, circa 1910s or 1920s this image came from one of my personal cards.  I added a clip art tree and ornaments and tinted the girls shoes red to match the tree.  This photograph probably should not be used any larger than 5 x 7 because it will get grainy if you try to make it any larger.  The original was 3 x 4 so their little faces were pretty small when I first started.

The second image is from 1910's or maybe a little later.  She has on red stockings and a red hat so I thought she would be nice to use for the holidays.  I can't tell what she is holding but you could easily Photoshop a ball or apple into her cupped hands to make a very sweet holiday card.  Also, her face is clear, not pixilated, so I think the outcome when printed will be nice.

Have fun and copy and paste to your heart's delight. 
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Free Vintage Photograph Christmas Girls

Free Vintage Photograph Suitable for Christmas Girl

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