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Altered Art Book | Family Memories


I am going to share an altered art book I created as a tribute to my father and the work he did to uncover and preserve the history of his (father's) family.

I made this book as a follow-up to Family Memories 1 that was published in Somerset but I haven't submit this one yet...that is on my list of things to do...

My father and mother did a lot of traveling, right after he retired, to various spots in Pennsylvania, so he could uncover birth certificates, marriage and death certificates.  This was in the late 70's and the use of computers, for research, was not available like it is today.

No, that picture is not of my father and mother...its my cousin and father!

The price to make this book was minimal because I used odds and ends from my scrap booking collection, along with found objects and old ribbon.  The time it took to make this is another story...I made and remade almost every page and some pages I tore up several times before I was pleased with the results.

Of course, no altered art book is complete without an altered cabinet card.  The cab card above is not of family members but one from the era of my great, great grandfather.

A very cool thing is that I am only three generations (depending on how you count generations) from someone who served in the Civil War.  The above picture is of that person, my grandfather's father.  This, I suppose, has increased my fascination with the CW.

Tomorrow I'll post the remaining pages in my little family memories book.  Hope I've inspired you to start your own project!

Be sure to read Part 2 of this story for some good pics.

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