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Cynthia and Co.
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Altered Art with Vintage Typing Stand

I've done two projects in the past using
vintage typing stands...
I love them and would do more but quite frankly
these little vintage stands are impossible to find anymore...

cynthia and co | altered art | junk inspired
cynthia and co. | edwardian girl postcard | junk inspired

cynthia and co. | altered art | junk inspired

cynthia and co.| altered art | junk inspired

If you want to try your hand at creating one, here is a rundown of what I used:

  • Vintage Metal Typing Stand
  • Sturdy cardboard - cover from an old book will work just fine
  • Scraps of scrapbook paper and vintage lace
  • Scraps of ribbon - the printed one is Le Bebe from Midori
  • Misc. flowers and tags
  • E 6000 glue - to glue heart shape to heart shape, and to add both to the board
  • Glue stick -  for both paper to board, and lace to paper application
  • Sweet Edwardian Images - original cards from Ebay, made copies for this work

cynthia and co. | altered art | junk inspired

Something like this would be sweet in a little girls room...

but I am a big girl and I like it too!

Bye for now...Cynthia
Junk is Good!

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