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The Bargain Center | Bywater Neighborhood | New Orleans

Hello Everyone!

Today we're going to take a little e-trip to one of my favorite stores in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans...what to call this shop?  Hmmmm...its part thrift, part antiques, part Mexican wares...and a whole lot of fun.

The first time I visited I was drawn to the goody bags they sell at the front of the store - each bag is chock full of junk jewelry, miscellaneous pawns, watch parts, doll parts, etc.  I didn't purchase my own bag of stuff on that first visit and kept wishing I had.  So on this excursion that was the first table I went to - the owner advised that the bags are very popular and supplies were a little low.  No matter, I found one that fit my needs for $5.00!

my goody bag | those lil' angels will be for future inspiration story

This store is approximately 10,000 square feet in size.  It houses five dealers who have different collections and different styles, yet, the merchandise is similar enough to not have that disjointed feeling you get in some thrift stores.  There are no walls separating each dealer, no stiff prefab displays, NO PARTICLE board...just a rambling of vintage, antique, collectible junk!
Whew.  I am in Heaven when I visit.

the bargain center | new orleans

the bargain center | new orleans

You will find the usual thrift store merchandise - things you hope to find when you visit - tons of old frames, baskets of post cards, vintage photographs, crystal door knobs...

the bargain center | new orleans

But the Mexican wares are very nice, too.  Oil cloth for $9.00 a yard, Milagros, clothing, etc.

the bargain center | new orleans

When you go be sure to shop the thrift store next door.  They are just as much fun.

the bargain center | new orleans

So, in closing, if you haven't been to this very cool antique place in Bywater head on over and take a tour.  I think you'll have a good time and probably find a little junk you can't live without.  

The Bargain Center
3200 Dauphine St.
New Orleans, LA  70117
Hours of operation: 7 days a week, 11:00-6

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  1. Stopped there in February of 2020. It was closed for repair of the building. I window shopped and damn near wanted to claw my way through the door to get in. 🙀 It looked like Nirvana!!